We are in the midst of a crisis.

Right now, thousands of young women are reporting sexual assaults from young males.

These assaults have to

Can you stand up and help us to change this culture? 

Over the past 2 months, headline after headline has reported the growing number of young women exposing the sexual assaults that they have experienced by young males.  This has shook us to our core.


Today’s sex education in schools is inadequate and hasn't kept up with the rapid changes in technology and sex culture. Coupled with the growing influence of violent pornography easily accessible by young people, boys tell us that pornography is their first step in learning more about sex. The system is failing our young people. 


 We believe that education is the biggest catalyst for change, and is our best step to prevent future sexual assaults and improve healthy relationships. 

Please can you donate today to help us provide more vital education and mentoring programs?

Ethan says, “The Top Blokes workshop really spoke to me. We spoke about the limits we should be using porn and what we can and can’t save on our phone. We also learnt how it really hurts females and could even hurt my female friends. No one had spoken to me about this before. I felt I could really make changes in my life and be better. I had the support of the Top Blokes mentors over the program which really helped me through it”. 

Recently, one of our program 15-year old participants Ethan* shared that he had noticed he had started to sexually objectify his female friends. He hated how he couldn’t control his thoughts and urges and he wanted to regain control. After completing our ‘Realities of Pornography’ Workshop, he challenged himself to not watch porn for a month. And he did just that. He reported back that he felt he had a clearer mind, didn’t think about his female friends in a sexual way anymore and he even tried to encourage his other mates to not watch porn. 

Our mentoring program focuses on educating young men about the negative impacts of pornography, what real sexual consent is and how to have healthy and respectful relationships. 


We let them know that that each one of them has the opportunity to stop harm. Each one of them can be an upstander, a person who steps in to address unacceptable behaviour.

We have the opportunity to help young boys to learn the knowledge, skills and values to develop respectful relationships and make the right choices.  


When others are too scared to step in, be the one who stands up. This change starts with you.

Please give as generously as you can to Top Blokes Foundation today.  

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