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Give a boy the mental health support he needs. Donate today and double your impact.

One of our generous supporters has offered to double all donations made from now until 9pm AEST tonight (Friday 19th June). This means your tax-time donation will have double the impact on young men's mental health.

Right now, young males and their families need vital emotional support to help them cope with the anxiety, fear, disruption and mental health problems, now more than ever.


They don't know what the future will bring. But they are not alone. We're in this together.


During this uniquely difficult time, Top Blokes Foundation is asking for your help to ensure that we can provide mental health support for the young males who need us most. Please can you donate today?


It costs $89 to sponsor a boy to go through an online mentoring program to support his mental health and well-being.


"I need some extra support for my young man, he has no male or positive role models in his life. His police officer father died by suicide 6 years ago - medically retired with PTSD and depression. Jack is now in isolation because I had cancer and am classified as high-risk."


Sadly we hear too many of these stories. But we know that by getting boys like Jack into a Top Blokes mentoring and social education program, we can find a way to support them and to give them the skills to become the best version of themselves.

How your support will help

We have fast-tracked our online mentoring program to enable us to continue to support any boy who needs us.

Our virtual sessions have given a voice for boys to share just how difficult life under COVID-19 has been for them: the loneliness, the disconnection, the anxiety about school and their future, money, maybe even juggling jobs with homework. They have told us that for that one hour in their day, they regained a sense of normality and began to feel hope again.


The Top Blokes Program is unique because it’s delivered on a weekly basis. By turning up week-in, week-out, boys like Jack feel safe to build trust with their mentor and learn about the topics that impact them (like mental health and anger), the tools to communicate and how to make better life choices.

Worried boy | Top Blokes Foundation | Donate | online mentoring for young men
Worried boy | Top Blokes Foundation | Donate | online mentoring for young men

You can make a difference

"I learnt what it meant to be a really good man. It changed my perception and now I've learnt to control my anger and not hurt other people or myself. The Top Blokes mentors showed me how I can be happier to live the way that I truly want to live."

Flynn (15)

It costs $89 to sponsor a boy to undergo our online mentoring program, which will enable young boys like Flynn to get the mental health support they desperately need. Please can you sponsor a boy today?

Donate today

One boy. One community. Our future.

Together we can help boys of today become the Top Blokes of tomorrow.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Once we receive your donation, we will email you a tax receipt.

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