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Transforming struggles
into strengths.

"I felt so alone and like no one understood what I was feeling. I want to change that." 

You can help create safe spaces for boys and young men like Nick today.

The fast pace of school was becoming really hard for Nick. He tried really hard to concentrate in class but he kept feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. He could see his classmates learn and grow but he was stuck, unable to move forward. This is where he could feel he was going on a downhill spiral and started stressing about how he could ever catch up on his studies. The lack of hope began to overtake time, making him feel even more lost and left behind.


But this wasn’t Nick’s fault. This was the depression and anxiety in full force, breaking him down every chance it got.

In the depths of his struggles, Nick found himself bottling up his emotions until they exploded in destructive ways, fracturing his relationships, hurting his mum who was trying her best and shattering his self-esteem.  "I used to cop a lot from my mates who wouldn't know when to stop. I used to think down on myself," Nick reveals.


He reached a point where the darkness within him led him to contemplate taking his own life. But amidst this turmoil, a glimmer of hope emerged.

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Meet Nick, a resilient soul who confronted hardships no teenager should ever face. His battle against anxiety and depression began at just the age of 11.


Just getting up to face the day was hard. He quickly started to feel isolated and misunderstood, particularly by those he relied on most – family, friends, and teachers.

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Finding strength in the face of struggle.

That night, Nick saw an Instagram post about his friend who had suicided. This shook Nick. He never knew his friend was going through something so dark and hard. This was Nick's turning point.

He hated how so many boys and young men like him were suffering in silence but he didn't know how he could change the suicide and mental health rates for his generation. Feeling alone, he was determined to find a way. 

Nick heard about the Top Blokes program, a weekly mentoring program where he would be connected to qualified youth workers who can walk with him on his mental health journey. He instantly clicked with his mentors, Danny and Will, who lived in the same community as Nick. They showed up each week to help Nick break through the chains of isolation. They taught him how to overcome his mental health struggles and regain control over his life.

All donations over $35 will receive a pair of Top Blokes socks, whilst stocks last

"At first Nick was shy and reserved. As time went on, his confidence grew and he started engaging more in the sessions. He found his voice, he shared vulnerable moments and there was never any judgement. Together the entire group had created a safe space for him and each other."
Will - Top Blokes mentor


"I never want any other guy to struggle like I did, that’s why I’m using my experiences and the
Top Blokes Grad Club to reach more guys who feel alone.”

Nick - Top Blokes graduate

Mentorship and guidance

Through the Top Blokes program, Nick had built a circle of trusted friends, other young men also on their own self-discovery journey. His mentors, Will and Danny, taught him how to openly discuss his feelings, identify his triggers and work out coping strategies to overcome his struggles with depression and anxiety.

Today Nick is a transformed young man. He is now motivated to complete his education and pursue a career as a mechanic. Thoughts of suicide no longer haunt him, and he is still close friends with the other participants of the Top Blokes program.


He is now even closer with his mum and sees a psychologist.


"I've learned that you don't have to deal with it by yourself. There are plenty of people out there who will have a chat, family, friends, and professionals."

Since the Top Blokes program, Nick has stayed involved through the Top Blokes Graduate Club, a tight-knit community of young males who stand strong together and help other boys and young men by using their voices and lived experiences.

"I don’t want to see any other guy think about ending his life. Top Blokes has taught me that we boys are not alone," adds Nick.

Nick's courage to face his mental health struggles had led him to discover hope, resilience, and a future he never thought possible.

“I look at it this way, it’s like the gym, you don’t see progress at the start of it, but after a while you’ll start to see progress”.

Give the gift of mentoring

To keep our mission alive and to reach more young men like Nick, please consider making a donation this holiday season. Your generous contribution directly supports our programs, ensuring more boys and young men can access the essential guidance and support they need.


We believe every young man should have a mentor in his life. Your support is an investment in the brighter futures of young people like Nick.


Every donation over $35 will receive a pair of Top Blokes socks as a token of our appreciation. These socks are more than just an accessory; they represent empowerment and the resilience we instil in young men through our programs.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to crafting brighter futures for young men in our community. Together, we can help boys turn their current struggles into their future strengths.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Melissa Abu-Gazaleh

Founder and Managing Director, Top Blokes Foundation

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