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We are here to support young males to improve and manage their mental health and social well-being through online mentoring. The same mentors, the same expertise, the same support, but without the geographic barriers. 

How our Online Mentoring works:

  • Our online mentoring programs runs at the same time every week until the end of the school term.

  • Each weekly workshop runs for 45 minutes and will cover various topics such as Anger Management, Peer Pressure, Online Behaviour, Mental Health and more

  • Each online program has a maximum of 12 participants

  • There will be multiple time slots available each week, so pick the most suitable time

  • Our online programs cater to young men aged 10-13, 14-17 or 18-24

For any further information regarding our Online Mentoring Program, please call us on 1300 450 850 or email

Online Mentoring Registration Form 

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