COVID-19 Edition (Expansion Pack)

  • It's the headline all around the world and the reason why we're stuck indoors for the time-being. So let's confront the beast! Through discussion from an appropriate distance, of course. We all have our opinions...will you have the same ones after the COVID-19 Edition of Moral Combat?


    This Expansion Pack is an add-on to the Base Decks. If you purchase any of our Base Decks, you'll receive the COVID-19 Expansion Pack FREE!


    This expansion pack is designed to be played according to the rules of the base deck, however, feel free to start debates or discussions around these statements as you like. This expansion pack deals with some adult themes, and as such is ideal for players aged 16+, but house rules can decide differently.


    You'll receive a link to download a PDF containing 30x Statement Cards and a set of rules to print and cut out.


    DISCLAIMER: The statements and suggestions presented in the Moral Combat card game are not necessarily true reflections of Top Blokes Foundation's values or stances. These cards are purely designed to generate conversation and discussion around key or interesting issues, topics, questions and opinions.

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