Moral Combat: The Card Game - Physical Decks

Deck type
  • Family Friendly Edition - LIMITED STOCK! LESS THAN 10 AVAILABLE.

    Start some important conversations with your kids in a fun and engaging way!


    In this pack, you'll get a variety of fun, random and age-appropriate serious topics, including whether swear words are bad, whether children should be allowed to play video games, and whether dresses and skirts are only for girls and women. For ages 10+.


    This pack gives you 145x Statement Cards, 145x Head-to-Head Cards and 3x Lifeline Cards. Please note that some of the Statement and Head-to-Head Cards are similar to the "For People Aged 16-99" deck.


    For People Aged 16-99 - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.

    More adult. More controversial. More laughs. More fun!


    This pack gives you some hard-hitting and interesting conversations, debating some of the most important topics of today, such as whether violence is ever acceptable, whether pornography is bad for well as whether pineapple belongs on pizza. For ages 16+.


    In this pack, you'll receive 145x Statement Cards, 145x Head-to-Head Cards and 3x Lifeline Cards. Please note that some of the Statement and Head-to-Head Cards are similar to the "Family Friendly" deck.

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