Moral Combat: Family Friendly Edition (Mega Base Deck)

  • Twice the deck, if you can handle it. We'll be here for a few months, so why not start EVEN MORE important conversations with family and friends in a fun and engaging way!


    In this pack, you'll get a variety of fun, random and age-appropriate serious topics, including whether swear words are bad, whether children should be allowed to play video games, and whether dresses and skirts are only for girls and women. Suitable for ages 10+. Playable online and face-to-face with included rules for each format.


    You'll receive a link to download a PDF containing 145x Statement Cards, 145x Head-to-Head Cards, 2x "Write your own" Cards and a set of rules from the original deck to print and cut out. This deck includes the cards in the Original Base Deck. Please note that some of the Statement and Head-to-Head Cards are similar to the "For People Aged 16-99" deck.


    DISCLAIMER: The statements and suggestions presented in the Moral Combat card game are not necessarily true reflections of Top Blokes Foundation's values or stances. These cards are purely designed to generate conversation and discussion around key or interesting issues, topics, questions and opinions.

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