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Thank you for your support

The Top Blokes Foundation works hard to support the development and critical thinking skills in our young men through social education and mentoring programs delivered in schools.

Throughout this journey we have asked you to be a trusted supporter to our program participants. Research shows that a significant adult is the most influential role model in a young persons development therefore we need to ensure adults are equipped with the skills to generate honest communication in all topics that impact our young people.

We hope this program has allowed you to have these honest, impactful conversations and we would love to get some insights into this.

Prior to the commencement of the program, did you have really honest and open conversations with the participant?
Did our text messages help to prompt conversations with the participant?
On average, how long did your conversations last?
Did you find the conversations got more indepth as the program developed?
Do you feel that these conversations have improved your relationship with the participant?
Do you have any feedback on what we can do to improve on these conversations with the participant?
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