Coopers Conversation: Matty Acton interviews Damian and Lee

Damian and Lee Burke have taken part in Top Blokes’ Lift the Load challenge since 2021 in honour of the devastating loss of their teenage son to suicide. In this heartfelt interview, b105’s Matty Acton chats with Damian and Lee as they share their story and why they’ve returned in 2023 to do even more to prevent other young men from taking their lives.

“Unfortunately, my family has become a member of an ever-expanding group of people that no one wants to be in ever. In October 2019, our 17-year-old son, Cooper Patrick Burke made the decision to end his own life.

Just short of his 18th birthday by 26 days. We assume he thought there was no other way of sorting out his problems. Our hearts will never be the same again.”

If this story raises concerns for you, please reach out and seek help: