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Champions of change

Top Blokes ambassadors use their own lived experiences and influence to help challenge young males to be their best selves.

They campaign, fundraise, spread the word – all in different ways. But the one thing they have in common is that they are making a huge impact. They give their time, energy and passion to support and advocate for boys and young men.

Top Blokes Ambassadors

Darius Boyd

Former NRL star and Broncos Captain, Darius has had his fair share of challenges, growing up without a father figure and witnessing his mother’s battle with depression. As an adult he faced his own mental health struggles. Now he uses his past experiences to help guide young men.

I think for me having a program like this, mentoring and teaching about mental health and resilience and empathy, and teaching rights and wrongs, and just having someone that really genuinely cares and has interest in you would have been beneficial for me.

– Darius Boyd


Leading Australian parenting expert, podcaster and co-host and expert of Channel 9’s Parental Guidance, Justin is an uncle to Logan, who, at the age of 20, tragically took his life. Now he is using his family’s experience to support others.

We have a mental health crisis in this country. Anxiety rates have skyrocketed. depression is off the charts. Self-harm and hospitalisations due to self-harm are rising at unprecedented levels. top blokes is an organisation that is doing something about it with on the ground mentoring for young men.

– Dr Justin Coulson

Kieran Foran Top Blokes

Kieran Foran

NRL Gold Coast Titan’s player Kieran Foran knows too well the impact that poor mental health can have on individuals and families after his stepson died by suicide in 2023.  Now, he and his wife Karina have launched Logan’s Legacy, inspiring people everywhere to check in, reach out and speak up.

it’s important to have Foundations like Top Blokes because of the work that they’re doing within the community and the schools with young men and giving them the tools they need. They’re trying to break that down and actually get these young guys to understand how they’re feeling at the time. When things are going bad, be able to express it and reach out.

– Kieran Foran

LIft the load ambassadors

Damian and Lee Burke
Cooper’s parents

“Unfortunately, my family has become a member of an ever-expanding group of people that no one wants to be in ever. In October 2019, our 17-year-old son, Cooper Patrick Burke made the decision to end his own life. Just short of his 18th birthday.”

“We need to raise awareness and funds to get help for our children any way we can. We need to have programs like Top Blokes in all schools to stop young people feeling that they are better off taking their own life than living.”

Tim Robards, Actor and TV Presenter

“Top Blokes helps young boys by giving them knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges they face when approaching manhood. We only have to turn the news on to see what the result can be when young men don’t have this valuable support in such an impressionable time in their life.”

“Top Blokes helps young boys become great young men.”

Matty Acton, Influencer and Radio Host

Brisbane’s B105’s Matty Acton lost his cousin to suicide in 2021. Since then he has powered his way through the streets of Brisbane to raise awareness of poor mental health and in doing so, has raised over $60k for Top Blokes.

“I wanted to get involved because Top Blokes shine a light on mental health and suicide prevention, and they run workshops in schools to help develop great men for the future. It’s a difficult time for young men who are trying to find their place in the world. The wrong influences can send them on the wrong path. Top Blokes is helping grow boys into great men, not fix broken men in the future.”

Community Ambassadors

Jai Menser

Jai’s one of the OG Top Blokes, graduating from a Top Blokes pilot program back in 2017. Since then he’s been on a mission that sees him running huge distances up big hills to raise funds for Top Blokes. He also speaks out for young men at Top Blokes events on the Central Coast and runs the 530 Social Suite – a running, swimming, coffee club creating a safe space for people to come together. Jai has grown from Top Blokes grad to mental health advocate.

Bailey Leighton

For two years, Bailey suffered a cruel and unfortunate sequence of events that led him down a dark road of depression, anger and anxiety. In 2022 Bailey turned his life around with the help of those around him. Bailey wants to change the stigma around mental health and give every young teen male a mentor. In 2023, Bailey ran 10km every day for 100 days, raising $11k for Top Blokes. He went on to become Westfield Burwoods Local Hero – voted by the public. Bailey was awarded a community grant of $20k to support Top Blokes.

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