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The health and wellbeing of young men is a cause that resonates deeply with the Gold Coast Titans

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In honour of logan

[TW: Suicide] Just last year, Kieran Foran, Titans player and Top Blokes Ambassador experienced the tragic loss of his stepson Logan. Logan’s death by suicide brings to light the stark reality that 75% of the 3,000 suicides each year in Australia are boys and men.

Kicking off the start of Men’s Health Week, the Titans Match on 8 June aims to help everyone know that they matter and to spark conversations around mental health to check in, reach out and speak up.


Thank you to the Gold Coast Titans for partnering with Top Blokes.

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Funds raised during the Top Blokes and Titans Match will go towards Logan’s Legacy helping to fund new mental health prevention and early intervention initiatives and ensure the longevity of Top Blokes evidence-based programs.

Logans’ Legacy has been built to help young males with mental health and is particularly close to my heart. My stepson Logan battled mental health up until he took his own life last year. And programs like this are designed to help young men so no young man has to struggle alone.” – Kieran Foran

Honouring Logan

Check in, reach out, speak up

Logan is, was and always will be my heart and soul. The light and energy he omitted was like nothing else; his energy was completely contagious; he was fearless, hardest working, determined, strong, loving, energetic, fun, happy, darling boy with the best laugh in the world. I crave his energy with every breath I take, I miss him deeper than any depths, I love him more than love and would give anything to have him here in the physical. I feel his soul, I see him in the clouds, I look for him in the surf, I know he sends me love constantly.

Logan is the light in the room, the smile amongst the hurt, the grit when it’s gone. His love and loyalty are spread far and wide, and so many are blessed by his heart.
I know he would want to help anyone anytime through anything, always standing up for what’s right and always being there to be what someone else couldn’t.

There was no one stronger, braver, kinder, or more fearless than my boy, and his legacy will forever help so many. I know he wants this, and any difference he could make to absolutely anyone, he would be all about it! He would always be anyone’s first call if help was needed or a problem to be solved.

Here in this space his love and heart will continue on.
– Karina Foran, mother to Logan

Why it matters?

We must rally for a new deal that reimagines the support and opportunities we provide to our boys and young men. This is about shaping a future where they not only survive but thrive, contributing positively to their communities and supporting those around them. Every contribution fuels our evidence-based mentoring programs, empowering boys and young men aged 10-24 to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. Join us in this crucial mission and honour Logan’s Legacy.


of mental health disorders occur before 25 years old


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men will experience anxiety in their lifetime

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