Raising the fun: Dapto High School students show their Top Blokes spirit

To support Men’s Health Week, Dapto High School Top Blokes graduates came together to demonstrate their leadership skills and show their ability to lead the school community.

The school executive and Top Blokes Youth Worker Adam decided it was time to put our latest Top Blokes grads to the test: Organise a Top Blokes Fire Up BBQ during Men’s Health Week and spark a conversation around the school about the importance of strong mental health.

The boys had to work together to create a plan. Who would inform the school community about the event? Who would cook? Who would organise the line-up, collect the donations and clean up?

Boy’s Mentor and PDHPE teacher, Mr Horsely and Principal, Mr Fitzsimons, would organise the food.

An opportunity to shine

As the sun shone on the Dapto schoolyard, the BBQ was fired up, and the mouthwatering aromas of sausages on the grill wafted through the school corridors.

“This was a real-life opportunity for the boys to show their teamwork and leadership skills. Some of these boys had never had an opportunity to lead within the school community before so there were a few nerves and a bit of hestitation.

But giving them a chance to step up, organise and give back worked really well and put their new skills to the test.” – Adam –

A sell-out event

No one could have predicted how well the event would have been received. Within just 15 minutes, all 140 sausages had been sold, and the team had raised $223.60 in donations.

Dapto High School Top Blokes BBQ Fundraiser for mental health

“We were so proud of the team. They promoted the fundraiser within their community and put their hand up to lead.” – Adam –

Adam often tells Top Blokes participants, “Everyone wants to make a big change, but the first step comes from making a change in your local community.”

These Top Blokes certainly did that. Nice work legends!

Thank you Dapto High School, for all your support. We can’t wait for your next event.