Top Blokes Grad Club in action

It’s been a busy six weeks for the Top Blokes Grad Club. We’re talking haircuts, filming, sharing mental health journeys, hanging at the NRL Grand Final and setting some serious goals for the future with support from business leaders and Top Blokes mentors.

We catch up with the Grad Club to discover what they’ve been up to!

Behind the scenes

Imagine a fusion of YouTuber Vic Blends meets Movember, meets Top Blokes. Welcome to the Top Blokes Unplugged series ‘Barber’ style! As well as getting some pretty sweet cuts, our grads spoke openly and honestly about what life is like for teenage boys, the challenges they face and what they learned about mental health through Top Blokes.

“Before I went through Top Blokes, I thought it was about keeping your emotions to yourself – not being open. But now after the program I realise I can talk to people about how I am feeling, I don’t have to keep things to myself.” – Daniel –

Oscar shared how the mentors at Top Blokes were relatable, showing that they, too, made mistakes.

“The mentors shared their own stupid mistakes when they were growing up so they were honest, real and relatable.” – Oscar –

The Top Blokes Unplugged series launches in November as part of the Movember campaign. Be sure to check it out!

NRL Grand Final winners

We love a good competition at Top Blokes, so what better than to invite Top Blokes grads to join our competition to secure tickets for the NRL Grand Final?

Our lucky winners, Salim and Andrew had the opportunity to head to the Accor stadium with mentor and Youth Worker, Ryan, to watch the Panthers and the Broncos. It’s not just about sports but an occasion to connect, discuss life after the program, and learn from the boys’ experiences.

Top Blokes grad club winners with Youth Worker

Ryan asked if Top Blokes had made it easier to open up.

“Being a Top Bloke is about doing what’s right and letting others know what’s right.”
“I’ve never been so vulnerable with my friends before. Seeing just how far a little bit of vulnerability and compassion can go – especially with my friends – is awesome.”

Look out for our end-of-year competition – It’s going to be huge!

Setting goals for the future

Four Top Blokes Grad Club members had an incredible day gaining insights from accomplished business leader Christian Kirschenpfadt. Christian hosted the boys at his Sydney offices giving them a valuable and immersive learning experience to help foster personal and professional growth, enhance leadership skills and broaden their perspectives to help better prepare them for success in their chosen careers.

Instantly, Christian and the graduates connected with open hearts and open minds. They all shared their stories, pain and hopes for their futures.

Top Blokes grads set sights on the future thanks to business leader
“It was engaging, natural and authentic, exactly what young men need to build and want.
They spent hours asking each other the critical questions like what they all hope their legacy will be, how to overcome uncertainty and confusion when paving their path, how to stand firm on their beliefs and when to know to really back themselves, even against all odds.” – Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, MD and Founder, Top Blokes –

Top Blokes is not just a program; it’s a community where young males can be themselves, learn from each other, and set meaningful future goals. It’s a reminder that vulnerability and authentic connection are the keys to personal growth and empowerment.

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