Navigating the maze | Pressure from peers, society and media on young people

Rafay, a Top Blokes gradate shares his powerful journey to a newfound confidence. He shares openly up about the impact of peer pressure, societal expectations, and media influence on today’s youth.

The Top Blokes program transformed Rafay’s perspective, teaching him to be comfortable in his own skin. His story is a testament to breaking societal norms, being true to yourself, and fostering open communication.

“Top Blokes is not just a learning experience; it’s a very interactive environment – you’ll never get that environment anywhere else. It’s open, direct, encouraging and to the point. They don’t spoon-feed you these learning ideas. The mentors give their personal experiences and that really helps us relate more to these circumstances or situations.”

“I was surprised how open the mentors were. I never had that experience where you can open up and just be you.” “I don’t think I should strive to be someone else’s image – I should role model it for others. I want people to look at me and say, ‘Yes I want to have his morals’.