Chris: A Journey of Transformation with Top Blokes

At just 18, Chris from Toowoomba is embarking on an extraordinary journey that will not only transform his outlook on life but also inspire him to become a role model for others.

Discovering Top Blokes: A new perspective

Chris’s introduction to Top Blokes was a leap into the unknown. Initially unfamiliar with Top Blokes and sceptical about its impact, Chris stepped into the program with reservations. “I thought it was going to be another lecture about life,” he confesses. What he found was a dynamic and engaging space that challenged his perceptions and expanded his understanding of life’s challenges.

The mentorship Chris received from Nick, a Top Blokes Youth Worker and Colin, Program Coordinator in Toowoomba, stood in stark contrast to his previous educational experiences. Through the weekly commitment over the course of two whole terms, along with vibrant energy and commitment to genuine engagement, every session felt was an engaging conversation among equals. This approach broke down barriers, allowing Chris to see them as role models who navigated life’s ups and downs with integrity and resilience.

“It’s good to have a mentor to tell you about things – give you guidance,” Chris adds, emphasising the value of mentorship in navigating life’s temptations and challenges.

“As a kid, you tend to rush into things. Doing the Top Blokes program encouraged me to take a step back and that helped me broaden my knowledge and understanding,” adds Chris.

From participant to leader: Embracing a new role

When Top Blokes offered a traineeship opportunity, Chris’s own experiences and the desire to offer guidance to those without mentors propelled him towards a career in youth work. Through the traineeship program Chris is now studying a Cert IV in Youth Work. He’s now an important member of the Top Blokes team gaining hands on experience working across schools in Toowoomba as he helps guide boys and young men through the mentoring programs. “I want to help the people that don’t have a mentor in their life,” he states, driven by a passion to make a meaningful difference in young males’ lives.

Chris’ reflections on the program underscore Top Blokes’ broader impact: fostering critical thinking, encouraging mindful decision-making, and cultivating a supportive peer environment. Chris has aspirations to instil values of loyalty, compassion, and patience in future generations. “I want to show boys and young men about being loyal, having and showing compassion for others. And most be patient, not everything comes straight away but keep following your dream and it will come,” says Chris.

A call to action: Join the Top Blokes movement

Chris’ story is an invitation to boys and young men and the community at large to engage with Top Blokes. It’s a call to be open, to participate actively, and to embrace the support offered by the program.

“As young males we often think we’re not being masculine enough. ‘Man up or you’re not man enough’. My advice is to be open about who you are. People will always judge you but you need to push past that,” adds Chris.

His message to those facing mental health challenges is clear and compassionate: reach out, communicate, and remember you’re not alone. Chris encourages potential participants to be open and engaged with the program. “Don’t be afraid to ask what it’s about. Once you get involved, you won’t regret it,” he advises, emphasising the importance of open communication and the safe space Top Blokes provides.

Looking ahead: A community of support

Looking ahead, Chris hopes to foster a sense of teamwork and family within Top Blokes, aiming to change young lives for the better. His advice to those struggling with mental health is clear: “Reach out for help… don’t be scared to talk about it.”

As Chris steps into his role as a trainee Youth Worker, he carries with him the lessons learned and the hope of fostering a tight-knit community within Top Blokes. His vision is one of teamwork, mutual support, and collective growth—a vision where every young man is empowered to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and empathy.

Chris’s journey with Top Blokes is more than just a personal success story; it’s a reflection of our commitment to nurturing positive masculinities and healthy mental wellbeing among young men. We’re excited to watch Chris grow and bring a different viewpoint to the organisation.

He’s already showing his passion: “I want to change young kids lives,” says Chris.

We know you will Chris!