Carrying A log for mental health

[Source: Courier Mail]

Two Sunshine Coast dads have upped the stakes in an effort to raise money for Top Blokes by completing a gruelling, well known running challenge while carrying a log and completing the feat barefoot.

Buderim based Sam Stow and Mudjimba based Rob Ormsby, set themselves the goal of completing David Goggins’ 4x4x48 challenge just days prior but decided running four miles, every four hours for 48 hours wasn’t enough.

“We both wanted to make it a little bit harder just because running that distance in that time (just shy of two marathons in two days) is well within our wheel hours,” he said.

“The original idea was to do 48 burpees after each one but we came up with the idea of carrying a log instead so we grabbed a 50ml fence post that weighed just under 17kg.

“I also did it barefoot because I like to challenge myself and my goal was to show people we can do more than we think.”

The two men started their first run on Friday at 7am, and followed the cycle of starting at 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm and 3am until 7am Sunday morning.

The locations of their runs were sporadic, completing two in Kawana, one in Buderim, one up Mount Coolum and the rest in Mudjimba, including the Mudjimba park run on Saturday morning.

“A fair few locals would’ve seen us running along, holding a log and having a laugh and we ended up doing 52 miles which is about 83 kilometres,” he said.

Stow, who won the 2022 Beerwah@Daybreak marathon in sandals, also set up a fundraising goal on late notice to raise funds for the Top Blokes Foundation.

“I’m doing some work with a men’s mental health group at the moment and I’ve seen what guys go through, how it affects them and how it can escalate so quickly and so sadly.” he said.

“I feel pretty strongly about that cause so it was good to raise a bit of money from a last minute fundraiser.”

Stow said if anyone is in a position and interested in donating to click here.

Ormsby also recently finished sixth in the Tarawera Ultra-Trail (162.7km) in New Zealand on February 24.

Stow’s next event will be the Buffalo Stampede Trail Running Festival on March 22 in Victoria where he completes the ‘grand-slam’ of 10km, 20km and 42km events.

He also hosts the ‘Slow As Run Club’ at 5.30am in Maroochydore on Friday mornings.

“A lot of people are daunted by the idea of running or they try it and think it’s really hard so they hold themselves back from running and actually enjoying it,” he said.

“It’s free and I want to make it slow, accessible, social and a lot more enjoyable rather than that competitive aspect.”