Youth Week: Dr. Justin Coulson Joins Top Blokes as Ambassador

This Youth Week, it is important to be reminded that all young lives matter, and the conversations around mental health are more prevalent than ever. New Top Blokes Foundation Ambassador Dr. Justin Coulson is incredibly passionate about educating our young on mental health after recently losing his 20-year-old nephew Logan to suicide.

Dr. Justin Coulson Ambassador and Advisor to Parent Support Initiatives – Top Blokes

“We have a mental health crisis in this country. Anxiety rates have skyrocketed. Depression is off the charts. Self-harm and hospitalisations due to self-harm are rising at unprecedented levels. Top Blokes is an organisation that is doing something about it with on the ground mentoring for young men.”

At Top Blokes, we partner with schools to mentor boys and young males on important topics such as mental health, understanding their emotions, resilience, violence and other societal issues. Our proactive, long-term mentoring programs offer tools for growth and wellbeing, and we have seen a 78% increase in positive mental health in the boys that have undertaken our 6-month program.

Melissa Abu-Gazaleh – Founder and Managing Director, Top Blokes

“Having Dr. Coulson on board, with his extensive expertise and personal insight into the challenges faced by young males today, is invaluable. He embodies the spirit of what it means to be a ‘top bloke’ – someone who is not afraid to show vulnerability and advocate for the mental wellbeing of young people”.

Top Blokes Foundation mentors young males from the age of 10 to 24 in schools across NSW and QLD with the ambition to be in all schools across Australia. Our evidence-based programs are making on the ground, real change to the lives of boys and young males. Together we are smashing stereotypes and reshaping the future of masculinities and improving mental wellbeing, breaking down barriers and empowering the next generation of Top Blokes.

Excerpt from official statement from Dr. Justin Coulson announcing Logan’s death

“Here’s what I want you to know.

There are 9 suicides every single day in Australia. Seven of those nine suicides each day are men. Two of those nine are women. And suicide is the leading cause of death among young people (15-24 years). 36% of deaths in this age group are suicides.

Suicide is a complex issue and rarely is there just one factor that leads to someone taking their own life. But here’s what we do know:

Strong social connections reduce the chance of suicide.

Please, please, please, PLEASE be kind. Be compassionate. Be gentle. Be inclusive. Be supportive. Be less critical and judgmental and more of a cheerleader. Don’t be on your kid’s back (or your partner/spouse’s back). Instead, make sure you’ve got their back. Love them and make sure they know it. They have to know they matter.”

Read Justin’s full statement following the death of his nephew, Logan.