With your support, young males can access essential mentoring and social education programs that empower them to live healthier lives.

Top Blokes Foundation is on a mission to transform young male health.

We're here to change it.

Our boys don’t want to be violent or angry. They don’t want poor mental health. They don’t want to see their mates suicide. By equipping them with skills, knowledge and healthy techniques to take into their adulthood, we can help them put a stop to many social issues like youth suicide, family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and other antisocial and risk-taking behaviours. We can empower them to take care of themselves and to positively impact those around them. We can help them change the culture around men’s health for a healthier tomorrow.

To initiate change, all it takes is a life-changing conversation with a mentor they trust.

‘The program was a safe space, especially where I could speak. It helped us to build trust between the boys and respect with the mentors. I learnt the most about mental health. I opened up about my life and it was a space I could open up. I felt like I matured from being a boy to being a man.'

- Liam (14) ‘Junior Top Blokes’ Program Graduate


Please donate today. With your support, young boys like Liam can access essential mentoring and social education programs that empower them to live a healthier life. Help us change the culture today.

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