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At Top Blokes Foundation, we’re on a mission to nurture the minds and spirits of young males, guiding them towards a future where they stand tall as pillars of strength, empathy, and leadership in their communities. Your donation can light the path for this transformative journey.

Your generosity
Enables us to:

  • Broaden our reach: Your support extends Top Blokes programs to new schools and communities, amplifying our positive influence on young males across Australia.
  • Strengthen bonds: We cultivate environments for open dialogue and mutual learning, where young men forge strong, respectful friendships.
  • Ensure ongoing growth: Beyond our programs, ‘Grad Club’ offers sustained mentorship, reinforcing resilience, leadership, and empathy for lasting personal development.
  • Drive positive change: Our initiatives tackle critical issues affecting young males, fostering a healthier society through education on mental wellbeing and positive masculinities.
  • Empower Youth Workers: Your contributions enable us to train more Youth Workers, expanding our reach and deepening the impact on young men’s lives.

Why your support matters?

The numbers are more than just statistics; they tell a story that can’t be ignored. 75% of mental health disorders manifest by age 24 And 3 out of 4 suicides are male. the urgency is clear.

It’s time for change.

We must rally for a new deal that reimagines the support and opportunities we provide to our boys and young men. This is about shaping a future where they not only survive but thrive, contributing positively to their communities and supporting those around them. Every contribution fuels our evidence-based mentoring programs, empowering boys and young men aged 10-24 to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. Join us in this crucial mission.

Measurable Impact

Our impact speaks volumes and we are proud of our results.

74% of participants report significant improvements in mental health, while 78% note a marked reduction in antisocial behaviours.

A three year EY Social Impact study also revealed schools saved nine times the initial cost of the Top Blokes program with cost savings on average of $53k. These aren’t just numbers; they are testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the urgent need for our work in today’s society.

Discover how our evidence-based programs make a lasting impact.

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You said…

I’m so grateful to have gone through Top Blokes. I can’t say enough thanks for this opportunity. I know it’s ok to get help. It’s not weak to speak.

Top Blokes participant

Top Blokes has helped me mentally and physically. It’s made me better at dealing with peer pressure and helped me to be an upstander.

Top Blokes participant

Top Blokes made it easier for me to open up to my parents and others. I’ve learnt how to cope with my anger issues and mental health. It’s a great program for young teenagers to manage their mental health.

Top Blokes participant

If you wish to make a donation via direct deposit, please contact us on 1300 450 850.