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Stepping Up has been developed in response to the need - expressed by primary school principals - for a social education program specifically designed for boys aged 10-13. This age group is ill-equipped to handle issues like bullying, mental health and digital activity. As they often model their behaviour on the small network of people in their home lives, if they cannot receive positive role modelling and support, they become more likely to develop issues later in life, including anger and mental health problems, experimentation with drugs and alcohol and overall poorer well-being.


The Stepping Up program aims to address many of the emerging social issues facing boys, as well as help them develop key social and decision-making skills. There are 11 workshops available and we work with the school to decide the topics that will be delivered over the 8-week program. 

Program workshops

Frequently asked questions

Who is this program for? The program is for male students aged between 10-13 years who display challenging behaviours and/or require socialisation development. The program benefits boys who have personal potential but are in need of positive mentoring. How many students per group? 8-12 is preferable. If you have more students you feel should be in the program, we can discuss running 2 groups. Does a teacher have to be present? Yes, we request that a teacher sits in to help manage behaviour. Does the teacher have any responsibilities? We require our contact teacher to participate in our evaluation processes, as well as discuss any behavioural issues or disclosures that occur during the program. Our team will provide updates on any potential issues that arise during the program. Can you deliver this as a 1-day program? Top Blokes Foundation specialises in delivering weekly mentoring workshops. Currently, any 1-day enquiries will depend on our availability. What is the price for this program? Please fill out this form and our Head of Programs will be in touch. Does a participant have to complete the whole program? Yes. It is more beneficial for his overall well-being if he attends all workshops. What process is in place if a participant is triggered or has an emotional response to information discussed? Our Youth Workers are trained in assessing and responding to mental health incidents should they occur. All Top Blokes Foundation Youth Workers hold a tertiary qualification in Youth Work, Social Welfare or Psychology and have experience in facilitating mentoring programs. Each Youth Worker carries current Working with Children and National Police Checks. They also receive ongoing training and development in key knowledge areas such as youth mental health, suicide prevention and intervention, trauma in youth, and cultural awareness in line with best practice and the latest industry standards. All Top Blokes Foundation staff are mandatory reporters and will work alongside schools in the event that a mandatory report is required.

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