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The Junior Top Blokes Mentoring Program is a 16-week mentoring program for male students aged 14-17 years. Delivered in high schools and community settings to groups of young men, this program uses a prevention and early intervention framework to provide an environment that fosters critical thinking so they can build self-efficacy and the skills to lead healthy and safe lives. The program's principles focus on strength-based, harm minimisation and peer-mentoring delivery methods, to engage boys at a formative stage in their lives. 


The Junior Top Blokes Mentoring Program adheres to all of the National Mentoring Benchmarks. All workshop content has been assessed by clinical psychologists and the program content is continually updated by educators in line with the latest research and current trends.

Program workshops

Frequently asked questions

Which young men are best suited to this program? Young men aged between 14-17 years are at a crucial period, forming a self-identity that will inform how they engage with the world. We find that a mixture of boys who display disengaged and at-risk behaviours (including alcohol or drug use, lack of interest in education, bullying and other behavioural concerns), as well as those who display leadership potential helps to generate a positive and impactful environment within the program. How many students can participate in a program? Groups can range in size from 6 to 12 participants. We recommend smaller group sizes if participants present with challenging behaviours. Why do you charge to run this program? Top Blokes Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that does not receive government funding. Any fees charged go directly back into the delivery of the Top Blokes programs. The fees cover the costs of our qualified mentors, resources, program evaluations and all on costs of our program delivery. We ask schools to contribute a set fee for our partnership with community donations and grants subsidising the overall cost. Whilst we expect all schools to contribute this fee, we understand that some schools have budgetary constraints. If this is an issue for your school, please contact Top Blokes Foundation to discuss effective fundraising strategies used by other schools within the Top Blokes community. What resources do you need from the school? The school should provide:

  • A list of participants including any health conditions, diagnosed mental health issues and any behavioural issues that our Youth Workers should be aware of;
  • A key contact within the school to help with organising program logistics and who will remain engaged with the participants to ensure they achieve the best outcomes from the program; and
  • A classroom (with a whiteboard) that is available at the same time each week for the full program duration.The key contact is not required to attend the weekly sessions unless participants exhibit extremely challenging behaviours.
Can we add participants halfway through the 16-week program? We do not allow participants to be added after the third session, as it may disrupt the dynamics of the program. If an individual who was meant to participate in the program is absent at the beginning of the program due to illness or suspension, the Top Blokes team will review their participation on a case-by-case basis. How long before the commencement of the program can we change the day/time of the program? In our booking process, we aim to confirm a specific day and time that suits each school. We do not allow changes within the 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the program, however, Top Blokes Foundation will attempt to accommodate changes in the future should availabilities open up. Can we look at the program content before you deliver it? We will provide the coordinating teacher with session outlines and will take into consideration any written concerns, however, please note that we are unable to make any substantial changes to program content mid-semester. If you are concerned about any of the workshop content, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss. Can the school choose what topics to cover? Our program topics are designed to meet specific program outcomes. In the event that the Principal of the school requires a program topic to be omitted, Top Blokes Foundation will work with the school to select a replacement workshop topic. All of our content is in accordance with the NSW Department of Education’s curriculum guidelines. Why don’t you run these programs for girls? There are a number of widely recognised and well-funded personal and professional development programs for young women. However, the importance of investing in young men’s health and well-being is still not widely recognised. To combat this, we choose to specialise in development programs for young men. We strongly believe that focussing on young men will also benefit the females in their lives and improve community health and well-being. Do you offer 1- or 2-day workshops to schools? Top Blokes Foundation specialises in delivering weekly mentoring workshops. This is also where we see the greatest benefit for young men and the most positive outcomes, as opposed to 1-day incursions. Currently, any enquiries for 1- or 2-day programs or presentations will be dependent on staff availability. Do you offer 6- or 12-month partnerships with schools? We offer 6-month partnerships but find it more beneficial and see more long-term results when we contract for 12 months or more. Typically, we offer 4 programs to a school over a 12-month period.

Top Blokes Youth Ambassadors

It is important to recognise the accomplishments a young man has made in the Junior Top Blokes program by promoting them within their school, community and throughout our national and international networks, and further developing their leadership skills. We invite our graduates to further their Top Blokes journey by becoming Ambassadors. We want our Youth Ambassadors, otherwise known as Top Blokes Ambassadors, to represent us and their school when it comes to stand-out examples of what it means to be a Top Bloke! Youth Ambassadors are self-nominated on a yearly basis and are selected to represent Top Blokes Foundation for a full calendar year. The only pre-requisite to become a Youth Ambassador is to have successfully completed the Junior Top Blokes program. Past Youth Ambassadors have:

  • Spoken at Sydney's Parliament House
  • Officially opened the National Boys' Health Forum in 2016;
  • Dined with the Governor-General at Government House;
  • Reprsented Top Blokes on National Media appearances;
  • Volunteered at local events such as Bunnings BBQs and interacted with the community to raise awareness for young male health;
  • Assisted in fundraising for local charities;
  • Participated in round table discussions to highlight and be a voice for young male health; and more!
Top Blokes and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Top Blokes Foundation is an official Award Centre for delivery of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an internationally recognised youth development program. This Award empowers young people to strive for personal achievement, take responsibility for their goals and choices, connect and engage with their local community, learn to persevere, contribute positively to society, learn valuable life skills and increase their future opportunities. This Award is available for all of our Top Blokes Youth Ambassadors to participate in. For further information, check out: https://dukeofed.com.au/.

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2019 Impact Report

In 2019, a total of 1,096 participants were mentored in our Junior Top Blokes program. There were improvements across all outcome areas.

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