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The program was a safe space, especially where I could speak. It helped us to build trust between the boys and respect with the mentors. I learnt the most about mental health. I opened up about my life and it was a space I could open up. I felt like I matured from being a boy to being a man.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Top Blokes Foundation, you will make a lasting impact on the lives of boys, young men, their families and their communities through supporting their mental, social and physical health to maximise their potential.

At Top Blokes, we are on a mission to build top blokes for the future. We work over the long-term, ensuring we are always there for the next generation of young men.

​All legacies of any size are of true value to the boys we support each day.

- Liam (14) 'Junior Top Blokes' Program Graduate

How to make a bequest to Top Blokes Foundation

When drawing up or making changes to your Will, it is always best to consult a solicitor to ensure that your intentions are properly recorded and your wishes are carried out. If you already have a Will, then the easiest way to include a bequest to Top Blokes is with a codicil, which is a formal addition that updates and amends your existing Will.

Sample wording:

"I leave to Top Blokes Foundation (ABN 37 9055 384 38) the sum of $................ / or percentage / or the whole/rest and residue of my estate (complete as appropriate) for its General Purposes free of all duties (or other specified purposes*) and I declare that the receipt of the secretary, treasurer or other proper officer of the nominated beneficiary shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s)."

(* If a bequest or whole of the residuary estate is proposed to be left for a specific purpose, or includes assets that may be subject to capital gains tax, please contact us for more information.)

And thank you.

If you have made the important decision to leave a gift in your Will to Top Blokes Foundation, then please let us know – we would love to thank you!

Further information

Donors or interested parties are invited to contact Melissa Abu-Gazaleh at or 1300 450 850 to find out more.

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