Our Program Outcomes and Impact to Date

Our Impact Infographic

Top Blokes Foundation is committed to ongoing research and evaluation to understand the impact of our work towards improving young men’s well-being. 

Social Impact Analysis 2016-2018

Top Blokes Foundation has been at the forefront of demonstrating outcomes and is continuing this commitment with the commissioning of a three year Social Impact Analysis with Ernst & Young of the Junior Top Blokes Mentoring Program. Between 2016-2018, EY will collect data from 10 participating schools to independently verify the true level of social impact generated. EY will use the social return on investment framework and methodology to quantify and value the social outcomes of the program. This will allow EY to financially value intangible qualities and behaviours, which are often difficult to capture using the traditional notion of economic valuation.

This study is critical to assist us to increase advocacy and policy reform on issues impacting young men’s health and well-being. All interim and final reports will be published on our website once completed.

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Ethical Development in Young People

As young people have endless new ways to connect, learn, and share ideas, digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in the ethical development of young people. Yet, navigating online environments is challenging for young people to do alone.

Young people are the first generation to have grown up surrounded by digital technology, with more than 90 per cent online every day. As parents, educators, and policymakers, we must support the ethical development of young people in today’s digital world.  

The Top Blokes Foundation is proud to partner with the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) in co-designing interventions that contribute to the ethical development of young people online.