Jai’s journey – from Top Blokes graduate to mental health advocate

Jai is one of our grads from back in 2017. He started out in a Top Blokes pilot program at his local school and has since become an ambassador, an advocate and a total Top Blokes legend!

We sat Jai and his mullet down in the barber chair to get his take on positive mental health and what he does to stay mentally fit. In this Top Blokes Uncut interview, Jai explains that masculinity is all about being a nice person; it’s about creating an environment where others feel safe, it’s about role-modelling behaviour and treating people with respect.

Now at 22 years old, he reflects on the changing conversations around mental health and emphasises the necessity of being real and honest with yourself. For Jai, his go-to for his own mental fitness is running—and this has now evolved into The 530 Social Stride, a Friday run, swim and coffee community aiming to raise awareness and provide a space for conversations around mental wellbeing.