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Ambassador Damian Burke shares the importance of Top Blokes' Lift the Load Challenge live on B105

Lee & Damian Burke signed up to Lift the Load 2021 in honour of the devastating loss of their teenage son to suicide. They've come back in 2022 to do even more to prevent other young men from taking their lives.

The Burke family hope to raise awareness and funds to get help for young men who are struggling with their mental health. Damian believes that having Top Blokes Mentor Programs in schools can offer vital support to young men who are afraid to admit when they're not coping and to teach them that suicide is not the answer. Raising awareness for young men's mental health can prevent other families from going through the pain that the Burke family have endured since the loss of Cooper.

Damian’s team, Cooper's Conversation, has a goal of raising $19,000 to help more boys build the skills they need to seek support, open up, and prevent themselves and their friends from taking their lives. Please consider donating to Cooper's Conversation and help to achieve this goal

Listen to Damian's interview with B105 here.

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