Top Blokes programs improve boys' attitudes and leadership

Top Blokes Youth Workers run a mentoring program for boys in primary school

Boy story

The Top Blokes Foundation aims to nurture healthy, happy young men, engaging them at critical points within their risk-taking prime stage.

...Today, the foundation offers an early intervention framework that engages teenage boys on social issues they will face in their late teens and early adult years. "We focus on cutting through to young men and engaging boys at critical points within their risk-taking prime stage, providing windows of opportunities to alter any dangerous or regrettable decisions they may make," Abu-Gazaleh says...

...Through the foundation's programs, a number of boys have received their first paid employment or apprenticeships, breaking a cycle of intergenerational unemployment within their families. Some young men have chosen to reduce their alcohol or drug-intake while seeking professional support for their mental health, and other boys who were once regularly suspended from school are now nominated for leadership roles within their schools. Click here to read more.

By Kristie Kellahan, The Sydney Morning Herald, published April 26, 2016; 1:55p.m.

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